Holiday Employee Recognition Ideas

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Holiday GiftsEmployees are the backbone of any business and here at Positive Promotions, we have found that one of the best ways to encourage productivity is to show appreciation for all the wonderful things workers do on a daily basis. The holiday season is a great opportunity for your company to show your staff just how much you care, and we offer an extensive selection of employee recognition gifts to brighten the holidays of your loyal and hardworking.

Ceramic Mugs, Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

These special tokens of an employer’s appreciation are both thoughtful and practical; staff can use them at work, on the commute, at the gym, or in the home and be reminded of the value they bring to their job with every sip.

Office Supplies

Giving something useful like a high-quality pen, a special stack of commemorative sticky notes or a handy desktop caddy is another thoughtful way to remind employees of their special talents on a daily basis.

Totes, Messenger Bags and Wallets

Bags and totes are practical gift ideas that fulfill very necessary functions and also make individuals feel as though they are on a team that cares about their personal needs. Since these are personal accessories, totes, bags and wallets will be visible to more than just other people at the office, which will benefit more than just the employees. Simultaneously promoting your company and instilling your workers with a sense of pride is a cost-effective and clever gift-giving strategy.

Home and Personal Items

Flashlights, knives, umbrellas and more are all items that everyone can use and enjoy, and these everyday objects can be branded or personalized for a unique touch.


Brighter and flashier than a plaque, trophies tell your employees and team members that you think they’re a star. Our trophies come in a wide variety of styles that are sure to suit any taste or budget. Present them at an employee holiday party to make them especially meaningful.

We invite you to make this holiday season special by using one of our employee recognition ideas listed above. We offer most items in bulk and with endless customization options.

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