The Ultimate Gift of Giving

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Giving TuesdayIt’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the “season of giving” but the “giving” of what?  The giving of gifts is probably the first kind of giving that comes to mind.  The season has become one of showing love and appreciation through material presents.  While there is definite intrinsic, feel good value for both the giver and the receiver in showing appreciation for others through gifts, there is another type of giving that for many may come as a secondary thought.  Today is Giving Tuesday.  It is not about presents for coworkers, staff, family, and friends.  It is about giving to charities to help those more unfortunate than you…people you don’t and probably never will.

As individuals and organizations, it is important to take a role in giving back to society.  At one point or another, direct or indirectly, it can be said almost as a guarantee that society has given back to you.  Whether it was someone who stood up in your defense as a child being bullied on the playground or even as an adult in the workforce, or that kind person who offered you their spare change when you fell short to buy a hot cocoa on a blistering cold night as you walked home, or the unbeknownst to you donation that helped pay for a family or friends medical expenses when insurance didn’t cover it all.

It may seem odd as a company that promotes the giving of gifts to show recognition and appreciation would be pushing to give your money elsewhere.  But we too give.  Throughout the year, we donate to major charitable organizations like The American Cancer Society and organizations for drug abuse and bully prevention, among others.  So today, we ask you, dig into your pocket and give the gift of health, safety, and education.  Commit to create awareness.

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